Sharing Knowledge – Gregory meets with Semantic Arts

Co-founder Gregory Saumier-Finch was recently invited by Semantic Arts to talk about Artsdata and some of the other projects that we’re working on at Culture Creates.  We were thrilled.

The people working at Semantic Arts are considered thought leaders and innovators in semantic technology. For more than 20 years, the company has shifted how industry deals with data, working with the likes of Disney, Capital One, International Atomic Energy Agency, Johnson & Johnson, IBM and other leading companies.

At Culture Creates, we consider The Data-Centric Revolution: Restoring Sanity to Enterprise Information Systems, written by Semantic Arts President Dave McComb, a MUST READ. It is not just for data professionals and developers. It is for anyone managing any kind of organization using data – that’s everyone.  If you’re interested in understanding the systems people use to operate the world and how they could be built better to be more useful to more people, this book is for you. 

Watch Gregory’s 30 minute talk.