Taxonomy: A Simple Explanation from an Expert

As a semantic technology company Culture Creates works to help machines understand data found in the arts. That means explicitly describing and encoding the data points machines look at with meaning, context and links to other data points. Machines need to be told exactly how to interpret something. How to understand – leaving no room for doubt – the thing it’s looking at. And from our perspective, we think it is of vital importance that machines look at and understand data found in the arts.

To do this work, a lot of our energy is focused on researching and developing an arts ontology, taxonomy and data model. We spend our days consulting with highly specialized Phd experts and technical people. To an outsider, our conversations sometimes sound like gobbledygook – at least that’s what my husband tells me and as I type this I realize he may just not interested.

However, for those of you who are a little bit curious about the work we do at Culture Creates and need a little introduction to the subject matter at hand, check out Ashley Faith’s IsADataThing YouTube channel. She is Director of Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search at EBSCO Information Services, a data scientist and a YouTube content creator. We spoke with Ashleigh in December and we’re totally impressed. She is all about making semantic technology, data and information architecture easy and fun to understand by everyone.

A great video to start with is Step-by-Step, No-Code Taxonomy Model ANYONE Can Learn